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At Allied Health Agency, we're not just in the insurance business. We're in the business of cementing powerful, lasting relationships. Relationships built on trust that we earn day in and day out by working openly and honestly with you as partners to achieve common goals.

our national team of dedicated, highly experienced insurance professionals always have your best interests in mind and are passionate about protecting your assets and helping you grow. We find all the best new solutions through listening, problem solving and collaborating with you. We don't blindly enforce corporate mandates - we make decisions that are right for you. Ones that fulfill your exact needs and further your success - now and in the future. That's power through partnership.

We Care About Your Health

1250Personal Insurance

10050Gap Insurance

6540Employee Insurance


Allied Health Agency provides healthcare protection and peace of mind for our customers. We deliver innovation and excellence in our products and services. In all we do, we are dedicated to going Beyond the expected.

Key Facts

Premium Placements

$5.3 billion of annual premium placements


Products offer guaranteed issues benefits and open to individuals with or without pre existing conditions.

Group Benefits

6,500,000+ lives covered in our Group Benefits division

Market Intelligence

Proprietary database with 1,000,000+ submissions and 539,000 bound accounts annually

Estrategic Acquisitions

Build through mergers we’ve developed an in house lead generation team which delivers our agents the opportunity close more sales

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Our consulting and brokerage capabilities bring deep subject-specific expertise across the entire category of health, enabling us to develop scalable solutions for employers of all sizes and sectors.

Group Benefits

Our innovative private health exchanges offer a broad selection of plans with varying coverage levels and decision support tools that help individuals become fully empowered consumers of their healthcare.

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