Allied Health Agency

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Management team

  • Sohail Hussain – CEO

    Sohail Hussain graduated from Florida International University with a double bachelor's degree in finance and accounting. He has completed Management certificate courses at Georgetown University as well. Sohail’s background in operations management accelerated his seed venture as Syngergetic Production Group all the way to Allied Health.

  • Keneth Arcon

    Keneth Arcon has a background in management information systems which he has successfully leveraged his talent at Allied Health and now

    Job Title: Lead Acquisition & Strategy Director

    - Lead Acquisition & Strategy Director: Maintain relationships with vendors, optimize lead purchasing marketing campaigns, track spending, analyze, and observe trends and vendors performance. Ensure our CRM/Dialer platform is following correct workflow automation. Find new sources to generate more production.
    - Talent Acquisition Director: Recruit for all departments within the company. Ensure onboarding process for new hires is completed. Train new hires on our CRM/Dialer platform.